The Autograph
Season 1, Episode 4
Air Date October 14, 2004
Writer -
Director -
Previous "When Maya Met Andy"
Next "Rhymes with Gato"

The Autograph is the fourth episode from Season 1 of Maya & Miguel. It aired on October 14, 2004 on PBS.


When Paco accidentally ruins Miguel's favorite baseball card, Maya tries to fix the problem. The baseball star Orlando Flores is coming to town on that weekend. Maya and her friends try to get an autograph from the great baseball player themselves. They try many ideas to get as close as they can to the baseball star. Maya tries to get an autograph from Miguel's favorite baseball player. Abuela Elena makes a new friend in the meantime. At first she is sitting bored alone in the bleachers with him. Then his bad habits cause the Grandma to teach him to bite on gum instead of trash.

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