Paco: Snowflake

Minh: Ice Skating

Both: What

Minh: Ice Skating

Paco: Snowflake

Minh: Wait

Paco: Wait

Minh: You Likes Ice Skating

Paco: You Likes Snowflake

Paco: This Is Ridiculous

Minh: This Is A Snowfall

(Doorbell Ring)

Miguel: I Got Mama Hi Mr Nguyen Minh Mr Nguyen Is Here To Take You Home Say Goodbye To Paco

Minh: I'm Not Talking To Him

Paco: I'm Not Talking To Pretty Bird

Maya: Don't Worry They Have To Make Up

Minh: I'm Not Play With You Again

(Door Closes)

Rosa: Maya Miguel Supper

(Maya Saws Paco On Perch Feeling Sad After Quarrels With Minh)

Maya: Why What's Matter Paco You Look Sad

Paco: I Feel Sad I Missed Pretty Bird

Maya: We Will See Minh Tomorrow

Paco: Yes

Maya: Miguel I Think Minh And Paco Are Have Quarrel

Miguel: Oh I See