• Maya Santos''' is the idiotic, ugly, and somewhat sassy sibling to quite innocent Miguel. She is known to randomly attack animals when she is angry ever since the age of 3. In the unaired pilot, she was shown to have an unexplained hatred towards Miguel and paco, and said to her pet hamster ( who has sadly passed away due to her outbursts) that she wanted to kill her brother and the "Feathered beast too!" The creators loved this idea, but PBS Kids thought that this plot line was too dark, and they had Maya keep her violent past a secret from her peers. However, in the lost season 2 episode "The Chamber", a character (who was introduced in season 2 but was removed because of this episode) stumbles across Maya's death chamber while helping her with her science project. The character (who's name was Tina) asks Maya why she has killed so many innocent people and Maya responded "You couldn't even begin to comprehend what goes on in my dark twisted mind." Maya then kills her and leaves the room saying "This is a setback". For obvious reasons, this episode was unaired. But it hinted at a storyline that would carry on throughout the entire series, ending with Miguel, Tito, Theo, Andy, and Maggie (who were the only kids left alive during Maya's murdurous cyclone) killing Maya and saving the town. But of course PBS thought it was "too dark". The creators even had a plan for a spinoff in which Maya would turn out to have survived the events of the series finale, and would be living as a murdurous adult who terrorizes children and takes them to her chamber where unimaginable horrors would take place. The surviving kids would have to once again band together to kill Miguel's murderous sister.  They switched out her murderous storyline for a story about her being fat, and dealing with bullies (she still attacked animals in both storylines). The creator, however, stated that even though they didn't show Maya's inhuman antics, it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Creator of the show, Deborah Forte, said this in a recent interview "Yeah, a lot of people thought it was too dark, and a lot found out about this hidden story. People hated my idea and you wouldn't believe the angry parents coming after me, but this is my job, I always wanted to tell a story with depth, and I thought that Maya and Miguel was the perfect opportunity. But PBS declined. What they didn't know is that I actually had her murderous past in the show all along, you just have to pay attention to the little details." When asked about the "little details", Forte answered, "Well, if you pay attention to the background, particularly in the school, you will see the same students walking around. Around episode 17 of season 1 you will notice that they are not there anymore. And in season 2 there is an episode in which the town population is revealed. In a later episode, the population goes down. From 12,346,840 to 9,005,032. And in other episodes, while the kids are walking around, you'll see several missing child flyers. Maya was killing them all." When asked why Miguel was so quiet, Forte said "I get this one a lot, people really want to know why Miguel acts so quiet and weird around some people. The real reason for this is that Miguel knew about Maya's insane and inhuman reputation but Maya was unaware that Miguel knew (or else Miguel would have been killed immediately). He had seen Maya kill many people and he was forever scared by that. He knew that telling anyone would result in his death. He tried to go back to normal, and in some sense, pushed it all underneath the rug, but what he saw had affected him permanently. He tried to return to normalcy but some doors don't stay closed." The creator also stated that "I know the plot was really dark, but that's always the story I wanted to tell."

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