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Maya & Miguel is a children's television animated series for children aged 6-12 produced by Scholastic Studios. It appears on PBS as part of PBS Kids and PBS Kids GO! lineups and on the CBBC channel in the UK. The show ran from October 11, 2004 to October 10, 2007.

Plot Edit

The show presents culture and language learning as fun, relevant and rewarding for all children, with a special emphasis on the Latino population. The show chronicles the adventures, and sometimes misadventures, of fraternal twins Maya and Miguel Santos and features their family, friends and a diverse neighborhood. This show centers on Maya's well-intentioned meddling in her family's and friends' lives, ultimately creating new quandaries to fix.

The underlying message is the importance of doing good for the family and community, and the philosophy that shared happiness is greater than personal gain. The show presents a positive, culturally rich portrayal of Latino family, language and cultures. Each episode ends with a WordGirl short. Some episodes end with Miguel announcing, "Here's what some of our friends are up to today," introducing clips of children engaging and interacting in ways consistent with the show's themes. Maya concludes episodes by exhorting viewers to "visit your local library like 'Maya & Miguel'".

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