Marco Rodriguez is a deaf character in Maya and Miguel.
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Marco is a tan-skinned 7-year-old male with curly light brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a beige button shirt, a pair of olive-green pants and a pair of red shoes. It is possible he's completely Hispanic or an "African-American" and Hispanic mix.

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  • Mrs. Rodriguez (Mother)


  • Tito
  • Veronica

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As mentioned, Marco is deaf, in fact he is absolutely deaf and cannot hear at all even if someone speaks loudly to him. Marco communicates using American Sign Langauge, or A.S.L. for short and he can teach it to anyone willing to learn it. His mother and his school interpreter, Ms. Hasty (please confirm spelling) communcate with Marco and interpret what he is saying and what is said by him. Theo knows a little A.S.L. but is rusty as he said, but he too can sort of communicate with Marco and interpret what Marco is saying. Marco can also read lips.


  • Marco was inspired by the two deaf sons of Lupe Ontiveros, Abuela Elena's voice actress.

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