Maggie Lee
Vital statistics
Name Maggie Lee
Age 10 Born 1994
Gender Female
Ethnicity Chinese-American
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Relatives Father, Mother, Possible Younger/Older Sister
Personality Good, Caring, Smart, and Kind. While usually being sympathetic and empathetic, if it comes to it, she'll put her food down and be bossy.
First appearance Season 1, Episode 1; "Maya Suerte"
Voiced by Lucy Liu
Maggie Lee is a character in Maya & Miguel who is Maya's Chinese-American friend. She is very dramatic, fashionable, and talented.

She rarely disagrees with Maya's ideas. She loves dancing and cheerleading. She is learning Spanish.

She is voiced by Lucy Liu.           

Trivia Edit

  • While the show makes her household seem to be only of her and her parents, according to the Maya and Miguel PBS site where you can ask characters questions, Maggie's answer to the first question, which was about if Maggie spoke Mandarin at home, is that, while they do speak Chinese from time to time, Maggie, her parents, and her sister speak English at home. This hasn't been proven, since her sister hasn't been shown in the series, nor denied, as Maggie has never said she was a only child before, she's just never brought any topics about having siblings.
  • Maggie can sometimes be bossy, as seen in the episode "Friends Forever?".

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