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Lupe is a minor character in Maya and Miguel
Lupe 01B

Physical Appearance Edit

Lupe is a little boy with light brown or tan skin, brown eyes and brown curly hair.

Episode Appearances Edit

  • "Teacher's Pet" In the Library and later in Mrs. Langley's room showing his Macaroni and gets upset when Paco ate all of it.
  • "Prince Tito" Participates in "The Doubtful Prince"
  • "Politics Unusual" Supports Simon, and tries to enjoy Maggie's new food. Later he is seen in the debate.
  • "An Okri-Dokey Day" Drives a Bumper car and Rides on the Rollercoaster.
  • "Team Santos" Loses Tug-of-war to Mr. Santos.
  • "Tito's Pet" Invited to see Tito's "Chupacabra"

Additional Information Edit

Lupe seems to be one of Mrs. Langley's students.

It is possible but unconfirmed that Lupe is Hispanic/Latino. His age is also unknown.

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"Somebody took all of my macaroni!"