Jimmy McCorkle
Jimmy McCorkle
Vital statistics
Name James McCorkle
Age 10-11
Gender Male
Ethnicity White
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Relatives George McCorkle (father)
Personality Grumpy, irritated, shy, friendly, a heart of gold
First appearance "The Bully and the Bunny"
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Jimmy McCorkle is a character who made his debut in the Maya & Miguel episode The Bully and the Bunny. He lives with his father, George McCorkle, just across the street from the Santos family.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jimmy is an unusually sized kid, he is big for his age. He is possibly 10 or 11 years old (please confirm) with brown eyes and orange or light brown hair. He is heavy-set and looks older than he actually is. He wears a dark blue collared short-sleeve shirt with yellow at the bottom of his shirt and at the ends of his sleeves over a white undershirt, light green pants, and dark grey sneakers.

Episode Appearances Edit

  • The Bully and the Bunny
  • Friends Forever?
  • After School
  • I Love Maya

Personality Edit

At first Jimmy was thought to be a bully, by his size and strength. However, he's actually a friendly but shy boy with a heart of gold. He is shown to be grumpy and irritated. He also hates that he is seen as a bully or mean person. Jimmy and his father have moved from place to place and has been mistaken for a bully.

Jimmy later adopted a pet rabbit, named "Conejito" by Maya (after listening to her father say the word "conejito.") Conejito was though to be in danger just because Jimmy adopted him but actually Jimmy was very nice to Conejito, who liked Jimmy back.

By the end, things were resolved and Jimmy became friends with Maya, Miguel, and their friends.

Trivia Edit

  • One of Jimmy's favorite things to eat is ginger snaps.
  • Jimmy is quite strong for a big kid his age, as he can lift an arcade machine. However, he is nowhere near as strong as Gus Lopez, a muscular adult who can lift a piano.

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