(Minh Is Sad On Perch)

Paco: What's Matter Pretty Bird You Feel So Sad

Minh: I'm So Sad I Was Cold And I Couldn't Find A Female Named Miny (Crying)

(Paco Hugs Minh)

Paco: Awww Don't Cry Pretty Bird (He Give Minh Tissue)

Ming: Thabk you Paco! You sure do know how to make a southern gal feel extra special.

Paco: oh si Mami. Paco do know how to do that!

Ming: come with me, please Papito. Por Favor(in an American accent)

Paco: I would love that! You know I desire you and I desire to be with you....... but

Ming: but what Papi?

Paco: I can’t leave my human kids behind. I hope you can understand.

Ming: I do Pacito, I really do! Eureka!

(They proceed to do...... IT) Paco: AYE AYE AYE! Mama MIA!

Ming: hahahahhahaha

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