I've Got to be Miguel
Season 2, Episode 6
Air Date January 20, 2005
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Tito really admires his big cousin Miguel. In fact, he admires Miguel so much that he begins to feel bad about himself - after all, Miguel does everything so well, it's sometimes hard to measure up. But at Maya's inadvertent suggestion, Tito realizes there is one way to be just as cool as Miguel: to imitate everything Miguel says, does, and wears, from his sneakers to his haircut. Miguel is flattered by this new "mini-Miguel," but Maya gradually finds the whole thing annoying, and even more so because the flattery is clearly going to Miguel's head. It's only when Tito - in helping Maya and Miguel in an emergency - discovers some of his own talents that he goes back to being just plain Tito. Everyone is thrilled to have him back.