Hector is a minor or background character that appears on Maya and Miguel. He is unimportant as A leaf of cilantro stuck on your two front buck teeth.

Hector 01B

Physical Appearance Edit

Hector is a little boy with tan skin, (possibly Hispanic/Latino) with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a darker tan shirt with beige looking trims, and a red lightning bolt in a white oval. He is like Diego the animal rescuer but small. He is super fast. As fast as Bill, Sonic Pines, Thunder Olley Mc—�Queen, and Silver Mick Quick. He runs in his neighborhood for 3 hours straight a day. He stops for nothing. One time a pack of ducks crossed the side walk he did not stop or care. He ran them over. BLOODY MESS! But he came back to clean it up. He is organized. There are no bacteria or germs in his room. OKAY! After school and running he likes to enjoy a pint of jello-tin for protein purposes OKAY! His mother makes him a pint each day. His favorite flavor is Sardines! He once whacked Maya with his sardine;(

Episode Appearances Edit

  • Teacher's Pet
  • Politics Unusual." He supports Simon for President,He tries to enjoy Maggie's New Lunch food, but says that it "tastes like chalk." and is seen for the debate.

Trivia/ Additional Information Edit

Hector was seen in Mrs. Langley's classroom so it is possible he is one of her students.

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"Tastes like chalk!" Politics Unusual. “Smells like your Snowman’s mom”