Freddy Castillo is a minor character on Maya and Miguel.

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Freddy is a light Hispanic boy, possibly 10-12 years old, He has black spiky hair and brown eyes. He wears a light blue button shirt, a dark gray vest, light-brownish-red pants, and brownish-green or mostly brown loafers.

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Freddy and his brother have an animal club "The Creature Club" as revealed in the episode "Tito's pet," which could indicate that he and Cesar are animal lovers. However, Freddy and his brother can be up-to-no-good boys and can sort of be bullies (please confirm.) For one thing, they tend to be braggarts, which Freddy himself did admit. He and Cesar also made fun of Tito for being scared of their pet iguana, Zardo, and they made Tito feel bad about his pet tarantula, Taranta, who, among other pets of other kids, lost to Zardo at a pet fair. Freddy and Cesar can also be good and caring.

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