Chrissy Lum
Vital statistics
Name Christine Lum
Age 10
Gender Female
Ethnicity Afro-Dominican or Dominican American
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Personality Good, caring, kind, helpful, sensitive and level-headed
First appearance Mala Suerte
Voiced by Elizabeth Payne
Christine "Chrissy" Lum is a character in Maya & Miguel. She is Maya's Dominican-American friend. She is very sensitive and level-headed (sometimes she can also be gullible). 

Chrissy sometimes points out the flaws in Maya's plans, similar to Miguel. She likes cheerleading, cats, and the color pink. She is voiced by Elizabeth Payne

She's also an animal lover. She loves animals, but hates and fears rats. When she sees a rat, she shrieks an ear-piercing wail in fear. 

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