Cesar Castillo

Cesar Castillo is a minor character on Maya and Miguel.

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Cesar is a light Hispanic boy, possibly 10 years old. He has black hair and brown eyes. He wears an orange turtle-neck shirt, greenish-gray pants, and red and white sneakers.

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Cesar has an animal club called "The Creature Club," which his brother Freddy is co-runner of as shown in the episode "Tito's Pet." This could indicate that they really love animals. However Cesar and Freddy seem to be up-to-no-good boys and can sort of be bullies (please confirm) as they tend to be braggarts, which Cesar denied at first but then realized. Cesar and his brother also made fun of Tito for being scared of their pet iguana, Zardo, and made him feel bad about his pet tarantula, Taranta, who, among other pets of other children, lost to Zardo at a Pet Fair. But Cesar and his brother seem to have a soft and caring side.

Cesar also competed with Miguel when the two had a crush on their substitute teacher, Miss Cisneros in the episode "Crushed" and they both wanted to impress her. They also fought over Kylie, so it is possible Miguel and Cesar are rivals, but it is also possible they could also be friends, because in the earlier episode, "Tito's Pet," Cesar didn't seem to mess with Miguel and the two didn't fight with each other.

Cesar and his brother were also shown being in detention.

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